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Fast Focus :  An All-In-One Patient Monitoring System

Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

The COVID-19 crisis has put the spotlight on patient monitoring systems and solutions. Patient monitoring systems are enabling clinicians to monitor patients comprehensively without having to come into contact with them. The advanced patient monitoring systems put forth a plethora of features on that front, from proactive monitoring of vital signs to tracking of patient movements. Meantime, remote patient monitoring systems are also being extensively used to manage critical conditions and public health outside traditional healthcare settings. It is substantially helping in preventing the spread of the coronavirus and easing the burden on healthcare facilities and frontline healthcare workers.

Notably, remote patient monitoring systems are evolving with leading-edge technologies to transform care delivery. For instance, the internet of things (IoT) enables devices, such as wearables, embedded biosensors, home monitors, and smartphones, to connect to the internet and provide patient information to the clinician in real-time. With IoT-enabled solutions, healthcare providers can thus deliver better patient care by staying connected round-the-clock. Besides, end-to-end IoT solutions offer actionable insights that can continually improve patient outcomes, foster deeper engagement, enhance communication, and optimise costs.

With the increasing usage of IoT-enabled smart devices, the adoption of cloud-based solutions has also accelerated in the domain. Cloud connectivity provides significant healthcare computing features, allows data storage and analysis, and aids in notifying healthcare providers when and where required.

At this juncture, there is a variety of patient monitoring solution providers available in the market that cater to the different needs of clinicians and healthcare providers. To help them choose the solution provider that best fits their requirement, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 patient monitoring solution providers in Europe. The enlisted solution providers are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Patient Monitoring Solution Companies in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Patient Monitoring Solution Companies in Europe

  • Cardiolyse deploys its namesake platform; proprietary patent machine-learning algorithms to process all vital ECG parameters and to create an alerting feature. It also notifies both patient and his doctor on increased stroke or heart attack risks, enabling the prevention of critical heart events up to two months before they occur Cardiolyse also detects the early trend of increased cardiovascular risk, allowing diabetes patients to effectively manage their conditions and prevent long-term cardiovascular complications. And it also provides fatigue risk management—a solution that provides the seamless real-time measurement of fatigue risks and alerts the supervisory control room and the user on potential increase in fatigue levels to prevent accidents

  • FastFocus strives to develop practical healthcare monitoring solutions that increase work efficiency, sustainably and success. Today, FastFocus is an enabler of many unmet remote care needs. Monitoring patients with diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma is one of them. FastFocus’s patient monitoring system effectively underpins its advantages in helping medical professionals prevent escalations in COPD patient care before it leads to a drastic outcome; a patient’s complete respiratory failure. At the same time, physiotherapy is often evidenced to be effective in reducing COPD symptoms, so FastFocus’s offering also monitors if patients are improving exercise capacity to improve their quality of life. More recently, the company’s offering is looked upon as a boon for treating COVID-19 patients. Beyond this, the platform also facilitates the tracking of patient’s physiological measures, including weight, temperature, and stress levels and so on. FastFocus’s wireless monitoring system is also intended for research purposes by making use of photoplethysmography (PPG), accelerometry, and skin temperature. The system can be configured as desired

  • Leitwert— is pushing the envelope for these new proactive delivery systems by using wearable sensors and IoT devices for a seamless solution from firmware via connectivity to device and data management. For this, the company built a modular technology platform through their own know-how and technology stack, to provide complete data sovereignty with on-premises solutions and end-to-end encryption of data streams. Leitwert’s clients can deploy their own algorithms and manage data access rights. Leitwert is also developing a single interface called the Device Hub, where in hospitals can integrate any medical wearables into their workflow and continuously monitor patients vital signs. It is a device and data management platform, which can be deployed on premise and provides open interfaces to directly integrate with third party devices, analytics tools, and clinical information systems

  • Neurocast specializes in passively monitoring patients to help better understand the course and cause of chronic diseases. Neurocast not only gathers Real World data with its technology but above all, the company develops algorithms that place its Data into the right context and correlate it with gold standards used by researchers worldwide

  • Oxehealth’s Oxevision significantly aids healthcare practitioners and clinicians in planning and performing inpatient care proactively by providing them with real-time alerts on early warning signs, extensive reports on potential risk factors, and medical-grade cardio-respiratory vital signs. Oxevision has optical sensors that can monitor patients comprehensively round the clock. Oxevision aids in monitoring pulse rate, breathing rate, and other vital signs without coming in contact with the patient and relays this information to doctors and clinicians when and where they need it. Leaning on the capabilities of Oxevision, Oxehealth’s Oxehealth Service helps healthcare service providers to implement a rich data-enabled care system that offers pivotal clinical insights to plan patient care and proactively intervene to help patients

  • SK-Telemed GmbH is a complete system integrator for IT solutions in health and business processes. Seamlessly integrated into the healthcare systems, these solutions can facilitate an environment for doctors and patients to have a ‘sure-shot’ at exceptional treatment without any significant disruption in these testing times. With cutting-edge solutions such as IDIS2GO and Show2Doc, the company has simplified the telehealth infrastructure for doctors, caregivers, and patients, establishing itself as the most sought-after partner in this domain. The company’s products are entirely independent of any hardware connection and need not be physically connected with a medical information system

  • Cerenion


    Cerenion provides AI tools for the analysis of brain function in intensive care. CERENION C-TREND™ offers the first truly objective and practical method to obtain reliable information on the condition and function of the brain. The clinically validated measure can be integrated into EEG-measurement devices and patient monitors as a software feature

  • eDevice


    eDevice is the leading provider of global IoT connectivity solutions. For twenty years, market leaders have relied on eDevice to provide end-to-end solutions that securely transmit critical data between their devices and their systems. Beyond M2M/IoT technology, eDevice is a recognized expert on two major vertical markets: PSTN Switch-off migration and Connected Health

  • Inhealthcare


    Inhealthcare is a digital health and telehealth provider working with NHS organisations to digitise care. The company enables the NHS to deliver more care outside of hospitals to reduce pressures on overstretched NHS services. Inhealthcare has a library of over 50 digital health services, some of which include COPD, hypertension, diabetes, undernutrition and smoking cessation. All digital health services have been clinically designed by its NHS customers

  • Levvel Health

    Levvel Health

    Levvel Health provides remote patient monitoring to healthcare organizations. The company help save costs and increase capacity in the healthcare sector while improving the patient experience and outcomes. With its Remote Patient Monitoring solution, Levvel Health aims to empower healthcare providers to efficiently support patients in their homes